Making your own Buttermilk

I am posting this recipe early………… I will be part of a Blog Hop Friday and Saturday. Today, we are going to learn to make Buttermilk. Yes, you can go out and buy it but do you know how old that bottle is?

Making BUTTERMILK is not hard. I use two ways…………depending upon how much of a hurry I am in.

#1.)  To make on cup buttermilk:

Use 3/4 of a cup of  milk………….add 1/4 cup lemon juice. Stir well, use immediately.

#2.)  To make cultured buttermilk:

1 qt. whole milk

2T. buttermilk

Warm the milk to 72 degrees. Stir in the cultured buttermilk(from a previous batch). Allow mixture to set, covered, at room temperature for 12 hours or more. When thick, refridgerate.

I use buttermilk in alot of recipes…………….next week, we will make Buttermilk Cornmeal Muffins. They are yummmy!

Join me the next couple of days for the Independence Day Blog Hop!

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Goat Milk Vanilla Yogurt

Here is the recipe I use to make my own yogurt. I use fresh goat’s milk but you can substitute fresh cow’s milk. The consistancy will not be as thick as the yogurt you buy in the store but it is real creamy and you know what is in it.

1 qt. fresh milk

1/2c. powdered milk(optional but makes the yogurt thicker)

1t.  yogurt culture(I buy a small container of the freshest plain yogurt to get started…….then I use a teaspoon full from the yogurt I make)

1/3c. sugar

1/2t. vanilla

Warm the milk to 115 degrees, keep track of temp. witih a cooking thermometer. Rmove from the heat.

Stir in powdered milk, sugar and vanilla, mixing well.

Mix a small amount of milk with the yogurt culture to remove any lumps.

Stir the culture into the warm milk…….mix well.

Place the warm yogurt into a wide mouth mason jar………….screw on the lid. Place in a warm (112 degree) oven. I make yogurt when I dry food……………..using the dehydrater, I can regulate the temp. I place the jar/jars around the outlet then cover with a towel. The yogurt needs to incubate 6 to 8 hours.

I incubate for seven hours then place in the refridgerator, to cool.

Enjoy plain or with fresh fruit.

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