Updates on the home front

Well, summer is finally here…………..much of the spring farm work is done and now to let mother nature do her thing! The first cutting of hay is off……..babies are two months old now and half the size of momma. Daniel graduated from sixth grade……………..now on to middle school! I have also been busy scrapbooking. Here are a few LOs that I have been working on:


A LO I created  to show some of my hopes/dreams or goals in the future. Some of these goals are more long term then others. I created the window using recycled plastic, chipboard and leftover paper. I crackled the window frame with antique bronze Distressing paint.

” Black Gold”

This Lo is about our sustainable methods of adding nutrients to our soil. We still have a long way to go to be completely sustainable but we are well on our way.

“I am not Bambi”

A LO that shows how we protect our colored sheep and goats during deer hunting season. The orange paint is biodegradeable…………no need to worry.

“Milkin Time”

YEA…………I am finally able to milk and not irritate my wrists! Dennis came up with this simple idea after checking out the internet. With less than $50.00 into this unit……………..it is a real frugal find!

Keep an eye out on Friday……………I am starting up a recipe category on my blog. The recipes I will include will be made from “our” products.


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One thought on “Updates on the home front


    Robyn, loved reading your post this morning. Life on the farm is so interesting. Lots of hard work though, I know. That compost looks really wonderful and rich. The LOs are really great. Love that you scrapbook your everyday life and your dreams. How neat that you all came up with your own vacuum milking apparatus. I know you’re thankful for that.

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