News from the Farm

We have been busy the last couple of weeks. We have cut and split two cord of firewood. We use this wood to heat our home and hot water.

One Feb. 12th, we started “our” maple sugaring season, about two weeks early. It was a cold day(20 degrees) but the weather was being forecasted to be perfect for sugaring.  A “perfect” day is when the night temperatures are in the 20’s and day temperatures  reach  the upper 30’s………….lower 40’s with no northeast wind. We “set” 44 taps. Our taps are metal tubes that are inserted into the tree. There is a small hole, in the tap, that the sap comes out of and a hook to hang a bucket on. We drill a 11/32″ hole, two inches deep into the tree. Taps are usually “set” on the side of the tree that contains the most branches.  We then  insert the taps into the holes, gently, with a hammer. We are very careful not to split the bark……………..which would create a leak. The size of the tree determines how many buckets can be set. A 12″ tree can only support one tap. Larger trees can accomodate more taps. Bucket are then “set” and lids are slid on top………………the lids help keep out  weather and debris. Sap is collected every day and stored in a large plastic container.  When we have enough sap, we boil it down to get the end result………..maple syrup.

Thnak you for stopping by…………..check back tomarrow to see how we make the maple syrup.

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4 thoughts on “News from the Farm

  1. Sounds interesting!!!! (But also a bit cold!) 🙂

  2. I have pictures of my sons grade school class trip to our state park. They show how to tap into the trees & have buckets to catch the maple. I was lucky enough to chaperone on this trip & get pics. It may be awhile before I get to do the layouts tho. Have fun!

  3. Heidi

    That’s so cool! I have always wondered how people make their own maple syrup! I bet that’s delicious as well. Thank you for sharing such great information!

  4. It’s going to be ending of mine day, however before finish I am reading this wonderful article to increase my knowledge.

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